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Guaranteed to draw more heat from the stovepipe.

Pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Never need maintenance.

Will last a lifetime.

May be re-used if you replace the old stovepipe.

You may put on as many bands as you wish or have room for. The more bands, the less heat going out the chimney.
Snap-on radiator bands install in minutes
The bands, in effect, increase the outside surface area of your hot stovepipe. The bands conduct escaping heat from your existing stove pipe into the loops of the bands. This allows heat to be radiated from the loops. They salvage wasted heat.
With US Steel

Snap-on Stovepipe Heat Reclaimer / Radiator Rings.
Heat Exchangers Reclaim lost heat from Stove Pipe.
Reclaim wasted heat from your stovepipe.

Works with any heat source....wood, coal, pellet, corn, propane, fuel oil, natural gas.