Stovepipe heat reclaimer / radiator rings extract wasted heat from your hot stove pipe and radiate the heat into the room. Installed, they make close contact with your stove pipe and conduct more usable heat from the hot pipe to be released into the room by the exposed loops. They work like the fins you see on a motorcycle engine cylinder head....they release heat. These rings increase the surface area of your stovepipe between the stove and the chimney, therefore allowing more heat to be radiated and released into the room.

They attach quickly and easily to your screws or tools needed. The ends lock into each other. It takes about 2 minutes to attach all six radiators. The bands conduct heat from the points of contact on the stovepipe to the loops in the band where the heat is released into the room. The band loops get as hot as the stovepipe...too hot to touch.

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FREE HEAT...How Much?

Example for 6" diameter set of 6 radiator bands:

Each 6 in. diameter radiator has 10 loops.

Each loop is 2 in. x 1.5 in. That is 30 square inches of sheet metal. (2" x 1.5" x 10 = 30 sq. in.)

Since there are 6 rings. Multiply 30 sq. in. x 6
      (30 sq. in. x 6 = 180 sq. in.)

So, the amount of exposed sheet metal in the loops of a set of six 6 inch rings is 180

That is the equivalent of a 12 in. x 15 in. sheet of steel.

 So in effect, by installing this set of 6 bands, you create the equivalent of this 12 in. x 15 in. sheet of hot sheet metal, 500 - 700 degrees, radiating heat from both sides of the sheet into the room before it escapes out the chimney. That is like a small space heater itself...and it is FREE HEAT.
CAUTION: WEAR GLOVES and SAFETY GLASSES during installation !

Wrap the radiator around the stovepipe leaving the ends on the backside of the stovepipe. (so they cannot be seen from the front)

The ends simply snap and lock into each other. The ends are designed to be stretched toward each other to snap and insure good tight contact with the stovepipe.

Space them about 1 inch or more apart to allow air circulation around the loops. They may be placed anywhere between the stove and where the stovepipe exits the room.
With US Steel
With US Steel

Stovepipe Heat Reclaimer / Radiator / Fins.
Heat exchangers reclaim lost heat from stove pipe flue.
Reclaim free heat from your stovepipe chimney stack.
Sold in sets of 6. Seven sizes available:
3", 3.6", 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8" diameter.
Custom sizes available too, email us:

To order, measure the circumference of your pipe with a flexible tape measure or wrap a string around it and measure the string. (The length around it). Of course, you cannot directly measure the diameter of your pipe if it is already can only measure the circumference and divide by 3.14 (pi)
Made in the USA from American steel.