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These high thermal conductivity aluminum bands may be added to stovepipes, exhaust stacks, or other pipes and tubes to extract heat from the pipe and radiate the heat into the air. Heat is conducted into the band loops where it exchanges with the air.

A set of Stovepipe HeatSavers will:

How to Order

Measure the circumference of your stovepipe

Choose your materials

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How to Measure

  • If you have a flexible tape measure (like those used for taking clothing measurements), you may use that.
  • Do NOT measure a hot stovepipe! Wait until it is cool.
  • Wrap your flexible tape measure around the stove pipe, and note the measurement at the point of overlap. Measure the stovepipe with a flexible tape measure
  • You need a piece of non-stretchy string or yarn, a tape measure or yardstick, and something to mark with.
  • Do NOT measure a hot stovepipe! Wait until it is cool.
  • Wrap the string around the stovepipe and mark the string at the exact point of overlap. Measure the stovepipe with a string
  • Then place the end of the string at the beginning (0") of the tape measure, and stretch it tight down the tape measure. Note the measurement at the mark. Measure the string

Enter your measurement here

Available Sizes

Our stove pipe heat reclaimers / radiators are sold in sets of 6.

We have seven sizes available: 3", 3.6", 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8" diameter. These are the standard stovepipe sizes, but we can supply custom sizes also. Email us.

Sizes of stovepipe heat reclaimers

Bear in mind that these are the diameters of the pipes, but to measure your pipe, you will have to measure the circumference (the distance around). Please see our detailed instructions.

Made in the USA from American steel.

How They Work

Stovepipe HeatSavers are heat exchangers or reclaimers that extract wasted heat from your hot stove pipe and radiate the heat into the room. Installed, the radiator rings make close contact with your stove pipe and conduct more usable heat from the hot pipe, and release it into the room by the exposed loops. They work like the fins you see on a motorcycle engine cylinder head....they release heat. These rings increase the surface area of your stovepipe between the stove and the chimney, therefore allowing more heat to be radiated and released into the room.

The bands conduct heat from the points of contact on the stovepipe to the loops in the band where the heat is released into the room. The band loops get as hot as the stovepipe...too hot to touch.

So in effect, by installing this set of 6 bands, you create the equivalent of this 12 in. x 15 in. sheet of hot sheet metal, 500 - 700 degrees, radiating heat from both sides of the sheet into the room before it escapes out the chimney. That is like a small space heater itself...and it is FREE HEAT.


They attach quickly and easily to your screws or tools needed. The ends lock into each other. It takes less than 5 minutes to attach all six radiators.

CAUTION: WEAR GLOVES and SAFETY GLASSES during installation! Install when the stovepipe is cool.